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Filing an Unemployment Claim – West Virginia

  1. Am I eligible to receive benefits?

    You must be totally or partially unemployed through no fault of your own, and you must have earned sufficient wages in your base period (the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters before the week in which you file your application for benefits). Also, you must be able and available for full-time work.

  2. How do I apply for benefits in West Virginia?

    Report in person to the nearest unemployment claims office as soon as possible after you lose your job. If you receive a low earnings report from your employer, you may file in person or by mail. If you fail to file promptly, you may lose credit for any weeks you were off work before you do file. For a list of offices, Visit the State’s website at

  3. How much will I receive?

    The amount of unemployment benefits varies. It is dependent on how much you have earned in your base period. The minimum weekly benefit rate is $24.00 and maximum benefit rate is $424.00. Visit the West Virginia State website for more information.

  4. How long will I receive these benefits?

    The length of time that you will receive benefits is also based on how much you made during the base period, but not more than 26 weeks.

  5. After I start receiving benefits, what do I have to do to remain eligible?

    You must register with the Workforce West Virginia Employment Service, be available and able for work, and actively seek employment, while keeping a record of your work search activities. You will have to file for benefits weekly, either by telephone or online ( These are the fastest and most efficient ways to file, but you may file in person.

  6. I was turned down for benefits. How do I appeal this decision?

    You must file your appeal within 8 calendar days from the date the decision was mailed. You may file an appeal on a regular form that is available in your local office, or you may write a letter to your local office. Also, you must also continue to file weekly during your appeal, as you will only be paid for those weeks you continued to file if you win your appeal.

  7. For more information on West Virginia’s unemployment insurance laws

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