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Disability Benefits

Social Security, Long Term Disability Plans, Short Term Disability Benefit Plans, Maryland State Disability Retirement

If you have applied for Social Security, private disability, or Maryland State Disability Retirement benefits and your claim is not moving forward; the attorneys at the Law Office of Curtis Cooper, LLC can help. Or if you are considering applying for disability benefits and want to have our experienced advocates on your side from the beginning, schedule an appointment.
There are a myriad of forms to complete and medical records to gather for disability claims. Our seasoned attorneys know how to navigate the paperwork and build strong cases for our clients.
At some other firms, you may not actually meet the attorney who will represent you until the day of your Social Security hearing. At the Law Office of Curtis Cooper, LLC, we make a point of being available for our clients directly, from the beginning of the case. Our clients deserve nothing less, and it improves their chances of winning their claims.

Widely respected among attorneys who practice in the field of disability benefits, Curtis Cooper currently serves as the co-chair of the Maryland Association for Justice’s disability benefits section. As the parent of a child with disabilities, Curtis Cooper appreciates what is at stake for his clients in their disability cases, and the challenges they face.

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