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Unemployment Hearings

You have just been let go from your steady employment; or you have quit because of intolerable working conditions, a detrimental change in your job duties or compensation, or health or other circumstances outside of your control.  Where do you turn to replace some of your lost income from your old job while you look for a new one?   Unemployment insurance provides limited benefits to individuals facing this situation.

In Maryland, unemployment claims must be initially filed with the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation either online or over the phone.  If there is a dispute with the employer about a former employee’s eligibility for benefits, an investigation will be conducted, resulting in an initial determination.  Either the employee or the employer can appeal the initial determination, resulting in a de novo hearing.  An examiner considers the evidence, testimony and arguments presented at the hearing.  The prior findings may be given very little weight by the examiner.

Claimants are often confused by the rules which apply to unemployment hearings.  Many times, the employer is experienced with unemployment cases, and may even have a representative at the hearing.  Beyond the benefits at stake, an unemployment hearing can elicit important testimony and evidence to support other legal claims, such as discrimination.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Curtis Cooper, LLC focus their unemployment practice on Maryland appeals hearings following the initial determination.  They also provide consultations on unemployment matters at the initial stages of the claim.

A good place for information specific to Maryland unemployment claimants is the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation.

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