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Whistleblowers Reporting Fraud Against the Government

Whistleblowers Reporting Fraud Against the Government Using the False Claims Act

Often a whistleblower claim for fraud under the False Claims Act originates with an employee of a company that contracts with the government. The employee may notice that the company intentionally bills and then is paid by the government for goods or services that are never provided. Fortunately, there are False Claims Acts which protect the federal and Maryland state governments from this kind of deceit, while rewarding the individual who uncovers the fraud. These Acts enable private individuals who report and document fraud via initially sealed lawsuits to recover a portion of any damages which are obtained on behalf of the government.

There are many nuances in the Maryland and the federal False Claims Acts. It is crucial to proceed in false claims situations with the utmost caution in order to protect yourself and to fully expose how the government has been defrauded. Successful False Claims Act lawsuits can result in awards to whistleblowers, who are referred to by the legal name of “relators”, of up to 30% of any recovery ultimately made by the government.

The Law Office of Curtis Cooper, LLC can help whistleblowers to navigate the complicated landscape of bringing successful False Claims Act suits. If you are aware of a situation where the government is being defrauded, contact us right away before taking any steps on your own, to ensure that you preserve your rights and strengthen your case.

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