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Types of Fees You Might Be Charged:

Fees based on an Hourly Rate. You pay me an hourly fee (the hourly rate is agreed upon in advance and recorded in a written agreement) for each hour (or fraction of an hour) that I work on your case.

Flat Fee Payment. You pay me a specific amount of money for a particular service (such as representation at an unemployment hearing, or a one-time consultation). All of the work I agree to do (as recorded in a written agreement) is included in that one fee.

Contingency Fee Payment. You pay me only if I am successful in obtaining financial compensation for you. The fee I receive is a percentage of the compensation I have obtained for you. The specific percentage is either determined by law (such as in most SSA cases); or we agree in advance on a specific percentage that you will pay me. That percentage is then recorded in a written agreement that is signed by both of us.

Payment Methods For Fees and Retainers:

Personal Checks

Money Orders


Credit Cards and Debit Cards

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