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You deserve attorneys with legal smarts who will work hard to deliver results for you. At the Law Office of Curtis Cooper, LLC, we understand that there is a lot at stake for our clients when they experience problems on the job or become unable to work due to health reasons. Whether you face a private employer or a government agency, we shift the field from one which is often slanted against you, to one which tilts more in your favor.

Solid legal advice and forceful representation can make an enormous difference. This is especially true early in a case, given the deadlines and complexities in the fields of employment and Social Security. Do not wait to tackle your legal issues. Some problems can be headed off by addressing them quickly. Justice delayed too often becomes justice denied.


The Law Office of Curtis Cooper, LLC is ready to help:

If you have been terminated and presented with a severance agreement;

If you have been denied medical leave to care for yourself or an immediate family member, or have not been restored to your prior position after taking medical leave;

If you have been discriminated against by higher-ups at work because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information;

If you are involved in a dispute over unemployment benefits;

If you have observed fraud against the government; or

If you have been denied Social Security or other disability benefits.

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